• SPT - "EXPEDITION III" C100
      • SPT - "EXPEDITION III" C100


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The Expedition III C100 by SPT is the seventh title of the Summer Campaign and the third release of this experimental techno producer from Philadelphia, PA. It sees the project shifting towards a much more ambient-influenced style of composition for explorations of the Prince Harald Coast and the Lützow-Holm Bay.

More information about the artistic concept and instruments used in making the album is available in the PDF overview.

Stream an excerpt of the track 'Prince Harald Coast' here.

END RESULT 48: SPT - Expedition III
Release: 08/12/2016
Catalog: ER-48
Format: C100 Tape
Edition: N/A

Home-dubbed BASF Chrome Plus high-bias audio cassette, housed in a clear jewel case. Translucent blue tape shell with white glued color label. Tri-fold printed jCard layout with digital download code.

Tags: end result productions, cassette, spt, expedition III, c100

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