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Philadelphia-based M. Ramone presents Loss, a zine which compiles photos taken throughout 2016 in LA, NJ, NYC, and Philadelphia. The compositional style of the shots seen here aim to employ photography as less of a documentary tool and more so a way to convey feelings of isolation and emptiness, the ultimate goal being to illustrate the beauty therein.

The photos for Loss flow in a carefully-intentioned sequence which begins with depictions of youth in gray urban settings, follows with a progression of color into more natural feeling, and ultimately finds its way back to the grays of nature. This return to gray resolves with a disturbing conclusion which is designed for reflection upon the concept of loss in whichever interpretation the viewer sees fit.


END RESULT 50: M. Ramone - Loss
Release: 09/02/2016
Catalog: ER-50
Format: Zine
Edition: 50

80lb gloss cover outer, 100lb gloss text inner. 20 photos on 28 pages, full-color inner and B/W cover with saddle-stitch binding.

Tags: end result productions, m. ramone, loss, zine

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