Sofia Incense Pyres

Inspired by the mystical ideas of a little girl named Sofia, this dark green floral ..


Sepulchre Incense Pyres

Sepulchre is a mysterious and thought-inspiring fragrance. Works for any occasion to..


Ozo Incense Pyres

Ozo is a strong, floral and wood fragrance. Perfect to fill a new space with the fee..


Nahk Incense Pyres

Nahk is a tantalizing, strong, spicy hot leather fragrance and is one of the longest..


Muru Incense Pyres

Muru is a sophisticated and rich, green, woody-earthy fragrance. Burning Muru imparts ..


Izba Incense Pyres

Izba reminds us of traditional Russian farmhouses with warm wood walls and smoky firepla..


Hibernus Incense Pyres

Hibernus is a cool, arctic fragrance. Burning Hibernus transports us to the frozen t..


Hekkes Incense Pyres

Our most extravagant incense fragrance to date, Hekkes builds on an exotic oud wood ..


Gorgo Incense Pyres

Gorgo is inspired by the story of Gorgo, Queen of Sparta and wife to King Leoni..


Blood Countess Incense Pyres

Blood Countess is a warm, resinous, and spicy fragrance: classic biblical incense jo..


Ai Incense Pyres

Ai contrasts the bright green herbs and dark mossy soil of our Seattle gardens. Beyo..


Witch Moon Incense Blend

Lunar sensuality, psychic and woodsy. Aligns one with the energies of the Witch Mother. Opens psych..


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