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Depression and Friendship Dual Spell Kit

Comes with two spells and two candles. One for Depression and one for Friendship. Easy to use for th..



Experience a selection of Nocturna candles in this luxury gift set.Beautifully presented in a luxury..


Nocturna Travel Candle

Illuminate your subconscious anytime, anywhere.Each signature candle theme is available in a luxury ..


Carnation Carnage Candle

A garden of bare bones crowned with Purple and Pink carnations. Pink Carnations carry the great..


Siam (Lemongrass & Basil)

reduce stress and tension with this invigorating blend of citrus lemongrass and sweet basil. this sp..


No.6 Orange (Orange Bitter & Bay Rum)

a complex blend of spice bay rum and citrus orange peels with burnt sugar-like sweetness. ingre..


Ritual (Frankincense & Myrrh)

rich pine notes with sensual sandalwood incense-like sweetness. ingredients: 100% natural soy w..


Haven (Dark Vanilla)

twist on the classic vanilla, a rich blend of dark vanilla beans and woodsy spice.ingredients: ..


Odin (Eucalyptus & Sage)

an apothecary blend of minty eucalyptus and herbaceous sage. clear sinus and reduce tension with thi..


Temperance (Patchouli & Cedarwood)

Woodsy pungent patchouli leafs balanced with musky aroma of floral and cedar. A sedative and earthy ..



Deerly Departed: Candle: Deer Skull: Pillar CandleThis candle is decorated with a skull of the winte..



The MATTE BLACK Nocturna wick trimmer WITH UNIQUE ENGRAVING, is a beautiful gift and must have candl..


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