BLACK SEA // Perfume Oil // Ambergris, Salt, Wood

BLACK SEA [mer noire]The deep dark salty black sea on a moonless night.  Featured N..


Moto Oud Eau de Parfum

Said to smell like a broken down motorcycle in the desert, in our rendition of the p..


Triton Eau de Parfum

Triton, named after the moon of Neptune that was in turn named after the son of ..


Iroko Eau de Parfum

Smooth, soft woods layer with crisp, sharp woods to create the perfect woody fragran..


Broken Glass Eau de Parfum

Bright light passes through broken glass flashing alternating shades of pink and gre..


Pipe Bomb Eau de Parfum

At first, all you can smell is a faint spark; something sharp and bright leading dow..


Pan #1 Talismanic Perfume (Limited)

This blend is limited and once it is sold out will not be recreated. Ê It was especially formulated..


Dom Talismanic Perfume

A charm for establishing your sexual dominion. ~To lure that which you desire the most.Ê Wear to in..


Chthonic Talismanic Perfume

A charm for the invocation and embodiment of the Black Man of the Xroads.Ê A traveler through the d..


HermAphrodite Talismanic Perfume

Like a child born of two dynamic, opposing personalities this perfume lifts its face out of the bot..


Agua de Flora Talismanic Perfume

Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Lavender swinging together adorned in Clove and the radiance of gentle mus..


Agua de Palo Santo Talismanic Perfume

Caramel-like sweetness backed by the delicate aroma of precious wood drying in the sun. Glows on th..


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