Bone Art

Soap Skull

All Brujaria soaps are handmade (usually by our CEO!) using a personal, hand-carved skull mold.&nbs..


Bleeding Black Heart

Hand painted design on a 9" diameter wood plaque. Painted in golden acrylics with a clear matte prot..


Mounted Rib Bones, Bone Art, Curiosity, Oddity

These deer ribs have been fanned out and mounted atop a black and white damask backing, with alchemi..


Rogue Taxidermy Mount, Oddity

This is a rogue taxidermy/articulation mount with a mixture of pheasant wings, deer vertebrae, boar ..


Bone Art, Feline Skeleton Mount, Oddity, Curiosity

A rogue articulation of an ethically sourced feline is mounted on a bed of decoupaged and painted Bi..


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