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Darkling Beetle + Horizontal Branch Necklace

Situated on a two inch Sterling Silver twig, this little half inch SS beetle has found the perf..



The eldest of the three Gorgons, the cursed sisters of the Graeae. Immortal Stheno was kno..


Soap Skull

All Brujaria soaps are handmade (usually by our CEO!) using a personal, hand-carved skull mold.&nbs..



Keep all of your most coveted treasures in this hand-crafted stashbox.Luxuriously lined in blac..


Nemean Lion

Because its golden fur was impervious to attack it could not be killed with mortal weapons.&nbs..



The Kobaloi were fond of tricking and frightening mortals, but provided the simplest form ..


Bleeding Black Heart

Hand painted design on a 9" diameter wood plaque. Painted in golden acrylics with a clear matte prot..


Mounted Rib Bones, Bone Art, Curiosity, Oddity

These deer ribs have been fanned out and mounted atop a black and white damask backing, with alchemi..


Rogue Taxidermy Mount, Oddity

This is a rogue taxidermy/articulation mount with a mixture of pheasant wings, deer vertebrae, boar ..


Bone Art, Feline Skeleton Mount, Oddity, Curiosity

A rogue articulation of an ethically sourced feline is mounted on a bed of decoupaged and painted Bi..


Bottled Stag Beetle, Preserved Specimen, Curiosity, Oddity

A stag beetle is preserved with a clear solid in this 2 3/4" glass jar, complete with twig and dried..


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